[This Body] Fictions, THIRD COAST (forthcoming 2020)

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Niches to Riches: Obscure Degrees That Lead To Lucrative Careers, USA TODAY MAGAZINE, February 2012

Laughter Yoga: A Joyful Revolution. COMMON GROUND, January 2011

Legal Cannabis in California and Consumer Reality. THE REVIEWER, November 2010



Dark Desires and the Others by Luisa Valenzuela. SPECTRUM CULTURE, June 2011

The World Has Changed: Conversations With Alice Walker Edited by Rudolph P. Byrd. SPECTRUM CULTURE, May 2011

Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. SPECTRUM CULTURE, January 2011

Were You Born On The Wrong Continent? by Thomas Geoghegan. SPECTRUM CULTURE, January 2011

Losing Our Cool by Stan Cox. SPECTRUM CULTURE, November 2010

The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga In America by Stephanie Syman. SPECTRUM CULTURE, September 2010

Young Romantics: The Tangled Lives of English Poetry's Greatest Generation by Daisy Hay. SPECTRUM CULTURE, August 2010

52 Loaves by William Alexander. SPECTRUM CULTURE, June 2010

Peep Show by Joshua Braff. SPECTRUM CULTURE, March 2010



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